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Frequently asked Questions-
It is not allowed to bring any alcohol,food or liquids of any kind on site.

There will be a number of food stalls with a selection of soft drinks and food including vegan & veggie options. There will also be a number of bars around the festival site selling cocktails, wine, cider and beers.


PETS - They are not permitted, except guide dogs for the blind and deaf.
AIR HORNS - FIREWORKS - They are not permitted, Any found on entry search and thereafter will be confiscated.
DO NOT bring anything that could be interpreted as an offensive weapon, i.e. a multi purpose style tool that contains a knife, mallet, etc. as they will be confiscated and held at Festival Welfare.


It is a condition of entry on our licence that you allow yourself and your belongings to be searched by the Police or Security. They will carry out random searches when you are entering the festival campsite and arena. Do not attempt to bring in illegal substances as you stand a very real chance of being caught.

We do not condone the use of drugs but please remember that unfamiliar surroundings and large crowds are not the place to experiment with drugs or alcohol. If you see somebody who appears to be having a bad time, please alert a Steward who will seek help. Do not assume that they need water. We have trained drug advisors on site who will help, as well as full medical facilities.

Further information can be obtained from the 24 hour National Drugs Helpline on or calling 1800 459 459.

Ensure you know where your nearest emergency exits are. Follow any instructions given by Stewards, Security and Police.Move away from any dangerous/antisocial behaviour. Notify Security if you see any antisocial behaviour. Move to where there is more space if you see a crowd surge occur. Ask for help if you need it and help others, especially if someone falls. Stay calm - if you're in distress, ask to be taken to the Welfare Tent.

Look after yourself and those around you, even people you don't know. If you suspect somebody is unwell take them to a first aid tent. If they are not responding please alert a Steward immediately who will call for the necessary help. Please don't attempt to move them as you may do more harm than good.

If you need to take medication regularly remember to bring it and let your friends know of any illness or allergies you may have and where your medication is stored.

There are medics at the festival who are fully equipped to deal with all situations along with a hospital in the Village area. The medics have roving patrols and provide an accident and emergency facility with full resuscitation, GP facilities and surgeries and psychiatric treatment. There is a landing point for air ambulances if required.

Heavily pregnant visitors are advised to make contact with the medical team on arrival at the event to ensure you are aware of services on offer over the weekend. Visitors with medical conditions are similarly advised.

The main Stage, and other tented structures have a set capacity that, by law, we cannot exceed. If there is a particular artist you want to see, you should check their performance time and ensure you are there early, as we cannot guarantee admittance to these areas. Closed-off structures will not be re-opened until after the band has finished. If you cannot get access, we recommend you go and enjoy a band at an alternative stage.

Crowd surfing and moshing are dangerous to yourself and those around you, DON'T DO IT or you risk being ejected from the festival site without a refund.
If you don't need it - don't bring it! Carry money, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, etc. with you at all times. Don't assume that you've hidden it well in your tent.

We work closely with the Garda and Security to try to alleviate the problems. There is a lock-up facility based in the Festivalt for your use.

Mark your property with your name and postcode only, thieves don't want marked property and it will significantly reduce the risk of items being stolen. Tag your keys with your phone number and a friends address. We find many keys after the event and marking them means we can contact you.

Leave your tent untidy - don't make it easy for thieves to grab a bag with everything in it. When asleep, hide your money, etc. carefully and don't put everything together. Too much drink can make you sleep heavily and you may not hear somebody entering your tent.

If you see anybody acting suspiciously anywhere in the festival site please alert a Security person, a Steward or the Garda. If you think you've had an item stolen, please go to the Welfare Tent as it may have been handed in before reporting to the Gards.
There is a medical centre and other first aid points with fully qualified doctors, nurses, ambulances and St Johns staff. Please familiarise yourself with their location. There are also trained welfare staffs, to help with personal problems.

Full emergency services include the Gards, Ambulance and Fire Services. If you need any assistance DO NOT call 999, as you will unnecessarily tie up services from a nearby town. There are posters around the festival site with on-site emergency numbers. Programme them into your mobile phone on arrival.